Cops In Dubai Are Getting Real, Very Dangerous Looking Hoverbikes

Police in Dubai may soon have access to functional hoverbikes, according to AutoBlog, which reported the Dubai Police unveiled the new technology in conjunction with Russian company Hoversurf at the Gulf Information Technology Exposition last week.

Per Autoblog, the Scorpion hoverbike is capable of flying approximately five meters in the air, moving at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour and carrying 300 kilograms of gear. It's thus capable of clearing traffic-packed roads, but one serious drawback is the unit's limited, 25 minute charge capacity. The Scorpion's rotor blades also look ready to chop through anything it might bump into, like humans, and sort of looks like it is as dangerous for the operator to fly as for anyone who might wander into its path.

The police force intends to use the hoverbikes as tools for officers to bypass traffic and other obstacles during emergencies, though the United Arab Emirates has a notoriously poor human rights record, so authorities there may put them to somewhat less agreeable purposes.

The US military, as well as various specialty shops and hobbyists, have had varying degrees of success working on their own hoverbikes. Most of them look alarmingly dangerous, but hey -- as the saying goes, you can't make a hoverbike without amputating a few limbs. 

CNN reported that the hoverbikes were also announced alongside a new electric motorcycle concept by the Japanese company Mikasa, which was touted as having a 124 mph (200 km/h) top speed. According to ABC, Dubai authorities are also planning on rolling out small, driverless vehicles for surveillance in urban areas.




    luckily there is not too much dust or sand in Dubai so lack of visibility won't be a problem...

      I'm sure the heat won't be a problem for the hoverbike or the rider in leathers either

        Won't matter when they only have a 20 minute running time :P

    ... moving at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour...Judging by the way the locals drive in Dubai, they'll never catch anyone with that top speed.

    Wikid! torque doesnt seem to be an issue from the way it launched.

    Not sure how helpful this would be to the police but I can imagine the benefits as a rescue / scout vehicle would be cool.
    With a 300KG rating you can load it up with all kinds of cool sensors and scanners (or even more batteries for increased run time?)

    I do see drones/UAV's being more practical though

    The Scorpion's rotor blades also look ready to chop through anything it might bump into, like humans...That's a good incentive to avoid being chased by one. Still, they might want to install some extra wheelchair ramps in Dubai's courthouses and prisons.

    I thought they were just really cool hedge trimmers ?

    Why have the bloody props at body level? Why not have them overhead (like 2.5m up) so they are FAR less likely to hit someone? They would have much more natural stability as well.

      That's the whole idea - having props at body level to stop baddies instead of needing to use guns.

      They may not be too bothered by the possibility of slicing an innocent bystander in half.

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