Telstra Finally Has Unlimited Data Broadband Deals

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Telstra says this is the first time the telco has offered home broadband bundles with unlimited data allowances. Why? Streaming, mostly.

Conveniently times to follow the release of the Telstra TV, the two Unlimited plans on offer are a $99 per month (over 24 months) bundle that includes Telstra TV, three months of Foxtel Now, pay as you go calls and a Telstra Gateway Frontier Modem. The $130 per month plan gives you the option of two years of Foxtel Now or Foxtel from Telstra.

You can find out more about them (read the fine print, kids) here.

But back to all that data we are chewing up streaming.

"In the past year alone, traffic carried over our fixed network has increased by 40 per cent," Telstra Group Executive for Consumer and Small Business Vicki Brady said.

"Streaming entertainment content has become a way of life for Australians, with around two thirds of us now streaming our favourite shows. We're also using more connected devices in the home than ever before with the rise of smart home technologies."

Brady reckons not having a data limit will "provide peace of mind" as we keep growing our data usage.

How much data are you using a month?



    Just checked, my plan has rolled over to Unlimited. I did have 1000GB, but only averaged around 3-400 GB, including 4k Netflix and the kids on YT.
    I would have ratherd a free NBN speed boost.

      yep looks like mine has rolled to unlimited as well, was on 500GB, averaged about 200GB
      i would have rathered getting more than sub ADSL1 speeds

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      When in first joined Telstra NBN last year, I was on the $95 plan with an added speed boost with 500gb allowance IIRC, and a few weeks later they changed the plans (made them way better) so I rang to complain.

      Somehow ended up on the $90 plan with 1000gb (500gb bonus data per month) with free super turbo boost so I now get 100Mbps FTTP for $90. Then, they just doubled my data today.

      There are ways to score free stuff, but timing is everything.

    Currently using about 800GB per month mostly through 4K streaming, but it would be a crap load more if both of us didn’t work 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week. Streaming and Xbox game downloads, which I am yet to actually find time to play!

    Extra data is always welcome. Time to shop my connection around to the 5 other apartments next to and below me, make some more coin!

    meanwhile in the states, they get unlimited data on their mobile phones for <100/month...

    Got upgraded to Unlimited as well on Telstra Velocity (they didn't even notify me!). Doesn't matter so much to me, was on 1TB before and usually only used a little over half of that.

    I'd rather they ease network congestion, and uncap my speeds (which they were supposed to do, but never actually did).

    Great start. Now they need to remove that stupid bundling and and offer just naked broadband.

    An extra $30 to get up to approx the same speed as I have with iiNet Unlimited 100/40 ($99 a month) is just a bit too much. We're a VERY heavy usage family and average around 1.5TB per month, so at least it is good to see more unlimited options in case TPG completely screw up iiNet.

    We are on the first month of having 100mbps unlimited NBN which we got through Exetel. The first month rolls over in 4 days and so far have used 5.6TB of data.

      Lol how on earth do you use that much?! I do a fair amount of downloading / streaming and only get to about 600GB a month! My download speed is never the limiting factor it's the amount of content that you can consume!

    Doesn't seem like much of a change for the average person, the 1000GB plan is still $19 a month cheaper I doubt most people need more than that.

    Now all they need to do is make their $70 100GB plan unlimited and drop $10 a month off the price and they'll match the speed and allowance of most other providers!

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