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A weekly round-up of all the best Aussie and international car tech news

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A daily guide to the big news in the world of Sci-Fi, comic book and fantasy movies or TV.

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Our favourite movies and shows on Australia's top streaming services.



Gizmodo Editor

Cam has been covering the Australian tech and motoring scene for the last decade -- previously across PC World, CNET and PC & Tech Authority.

Campbell is Gizmodo AU's chief reviewer, and regularly contributes Australia's most detailed hands-on reviews of every new smartphone, TV, laptop and tablet out there.

Work consistently recognised in Australia's yearly IT Journalism Awards – including highly commended Best Reviewer, Best Technical Journalist and Best Consumer Technology Journalist. Read Campbell's articles here.

Gizmodo Journalist

Rae Johnston is a proud Wiradjuri woman, mother of a suitably geeky teenage son and passionate about the positive benefits technology and games bring to our lives.

You may have heard her talking tech on Australian TV and radio -- or hosting Static, the joint Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku Australia weekly podcast.

The former Lifestyle Editor for Techlife Magazine, Rae has been an Australian IT Journalism Awards finalist for consumer tech and video content, and was a finalist in both the 2015 and 2016 Xbox MCV Pacific Women in Games Awards -- “Woman of the Year” and “Ambassador” categories. Read Rae's stories here.

Managing Editor

Mark Serrels is a multi-award-winning journalist who has previously edited publications such as Official Nintendo Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine, Australian 360 and PSM3. He is obsessed with video games and the people who make them. He wants to write the best story you've ever read.

In his spare time, Mark likes to climb rocks, eat porridge and play Super Mario 3D World with his 3-year-old son Quinn. Read Mark’s articles here.

Weekend Editor

Logan has been blissfully embroiled in tech and games media since the dawn of the universe -- give or take a few billion years. At points along this timeline, Logan has held the editor job at Kotaku Australia and influential Aussie tech magazine, Atomic -- which won Best Gaming Title and Best Production team under his stewardship.

Logan is also co-director of Screwfly Studios, an independent games developer responsible for three cult titles since its founding in 2011. He is an experienced programmer and games designer, having held writing, PR and creative roles at Australian gaming studios Firemint and Tantalus. Read his articles here.

Social Media & Community Editor

Hayley is an aspiring Strong Female Character™ who writes across Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku Australia.

Named “Highly Commended” Best New Journalist at the 2015 Australian IT Journalism Awards, she has previously also contributed articles to Indie Games Magazine and spent six months dabbling in game design with Sydney indie developer Epiphany Games.

Despite the lack of a tragic backstory, Hayley still likes to moonlight as a well-dressed supervillain under the unconvincing cosplay pseudonym of Hayley Elise. Read her articles here.

Sub Editor

Amanda is a former human rights lawyer, current author, and pop culture enthusiast.

Her writing has been published and performed in Stories of Sydney (SWEATSHOP & Seizure), Westside (Westside Publications), The Last Word (Sydney Festival 2015), and The Voices Project (Australian Theatre for Young People).

In her spare time Amanda does stuff like play Dota and pretend to be cool on the internet. Once Gail Simone called her a superhero. That’s been a highlight of her life so far, along with the time she negotiated her way to 90% off the Doctor Who Series 1-4 box set. Read Amanda's stories here.

Publisher, Head Of Product & Innovation

Danny has 17 years of consumer tech publishing experience. A former editor for Gizmodo in the US (and managing editor in Australia), he has lead the local editions of Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku since 2011.

Danny founded TechHive’s GeekTech blog (as PC World/Macworld Senior Editor in San Francisco), co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Mac OS X book and picked up a Best Technical Journalist (Consensus IT Writers Awards) nod along the way.

More recently, you may have heard Danny's music on Gizmodo's podcast or caught him on new Fox Sports TV show Wimp 2 Warrior. You can read his articles here.