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4K TVs are getting cheap as chips these days, and that means you should be getting hold of some 4K video to play on it. There's only one persistent problem with that -- 4K video files are massive, so you need some easy way of storing them en masse and playing them back on your TV conveniently. Enter a multi-bay network-attached storage (NAS) device like this one: Synology's over-sized DS918+ can handle all your house's file storage, PC backups and ultra HD media streaming and more.


Intel has just launched the latest series of its 8th generation Core processors. The CPUs, designed for use in desktop PCs, are fast and relatively affordable -- and they're probably going to leave you very confused.


Shit home internet. We've all been there: dying ancient copper cables running garbage ADSL, congested HFC cable, flaky fibre-to-the-node NBN. You know what's better in a lot of ways? 4G. I love 4G. I want 4G to power my home.

I actually use 4G to light up the 'net in my home already, but until now I've been stuck with a complicated combo of battery-powered hotspot and Wi-Fi router. Accelerated's new 6350-SR router, though, is an all-in-one 4G and Wi-Fi modem/router that gives your entire home or business a strong and reliable 4G connection, either as your primary 'net or as a failover.